. What is the College and Career Readiness (CCR) Portfolio?

o The CCR Portfolio replaces the "traditional" graduation/senior project and is applicable for the Class of 2017 and beyond.

. Is a graduation/senior project required?

o Yes. QCSD School Board Policy #217 requires students to "[c]omplete a senior/graduation project according to district standards." QCHS cannot award a diploma to students who do not complete this project.

. What is the purpose of the CCR Portfolio?

o The purpose is to enhance QCSD's mission that all students leave high school "college and career ready." The CCR Portfolio includes several steps intended to help students identify possible college and career paths, reflect upon their academic strengths and areas of improvement, and research the processes involved with applying to colleges, trade schools, and the armed forces.

. What are the specific requirements of the CCR Portfolio?

o The specific requirements are located at www.qcsd.org/portfolio.

. How is the CCR Portfolio different from the "traditional" graduation/senior project?

o The "traditional" project required about 30 hours of service- or work-related experience, a reflective essay, and a presentation in front of a group of faculty. None of these are parts of the CCR Portfolio. Almost all steps of the CCR Portfolio are completed online in the Naviance platform. In fact, many of the steps of the CCR Portfolio are tasks you would have completed anyway in your college and career search.

. When is the CCR Portfolio due? What if I do not complete a specific step during the required year?

o The CCR Portfolio is due by the first Tuesday in November of your senior year (Election Day), which is when seniors normally would have presented the "traditional" graduation project. While it is recommended that you follow the pacing guide found on www.qcsd.org/portfolio, you will not be penalized for completing steps after the recommended guide (for example, completing a step during your junior year that was recommended to be completed during your sophomore year). The only requirement is that every step be completed. However, you will get the most out of this project if you follow the pacing guide. This project is genuinely relevant and helpful for your college and career exploration. It asks you to set goals and to reflect along the way to help you in that process.

. What if I do not complete my CCR Portfolio by the due date?

o In addition to potential disciplinary consequences, you will lose Senior Release and other privileges (dance/prom tickets, participation in extracurricular activities, etc.).

. I completed a step in the CCR Portfolio, but it still says not completed. Why is this the case?

o Pay close attention to each step's directions. Almost all steps require you to complete an activity and a brief reflective survey in Naviance. For example, you may have completed the "Career Cluster Finder Survey" and identified possible career paths, but there is still one more step: answering the three-question survey.

. What if I have a question about a step of the CCR Portfolio?

o Contact either your guidance counselor or house principal.

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