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2021-2022 Program of Studies

2022-2023 Program of Studies


NEW Course Offering for 2021-22 -

Spanish in the workplace:
This semester-long course focuses on the comprehension and communication skills necessary to actively and successfully engage with colleagues and clients in the workplace.  This course will emphasize the real world application of vocabulary and grammar structures, pronunciation and fluency, and cultural relevance related to the specific career pathways of medical, construction trades, childcare/education, and business. Students will gain the knowledge, vocabulary usage, and linguistic structures necessary for immediate use in the workplace.  The course will be project based, and communication and comprehension skills will be purposefully incorporated into each unit of study. There is no prerequisite required to enroll in this course.

NEW Course Offerings for 2022- 2023 - Concert Orchestra The Concert Orchestra is composed of students in grades 9-12 and focuses on the introduction of basic to intermediate musicianship concepts. The Concert Orchestra performs Grade 2-3 (out of 6) level literature. Participation in the Concert Orchestra requires an audition for placement. Placement requirements will be distributed to all current 8-11 grade Orchestra students, posted on Canvas, and are available upon request from the Director of Orchestras. Chamber Orchestra The Chamber Orchestra is composed of students in grades 9-12 and meets every day as a full ensemble, year-round, during the school day. Participation in the Chamber Orchestra requires an audition for placement. The Chamber Orchestra focuses on developing intermediate to advanced levels of musicianship and performs Grade 3-4 (out of 6) level literature. In addition to performing at all Quakertown High School Orchestra Concerts, the Chamber Orchestra also performs at music festivals and adjudications around the area, giving students the opportunity to perform for varied audiences. 
Piano 1 will explore correct playing habits and note reading through interval recognition. Students will learn basic keyboard topography and fluent recognition of white key names in relation to black keys. Throughout the course, students will perform simple rhythms and intervallic reading with entertaining songs. Students will progress through learning lines and space notes in treble and bass clefs, melodic and harmonic intervals of 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths, and graduate to reading on the grand staff. No background in music or reading music is required. This elective will run for one semester.  Forensic II Human Forensics II is designed to be the follow-up course to Human Forensics I and will build on and refine the techniques learned therein. Human Forensics II will examine more specialized and advanced areas of forensic investigative techniques and give students an expanded view of a career in forensic science. In addition to explorations in criminalistics such as toxicology, handwriting analysis, anthropology, impressions and casting, students will briefly explore the criminology involving serial killers/mass killings and interact with industry experts and professionals. 

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