Students awarded for National German Exam results

AP German students will receive Honor Roll recognition for their achievements in German.
Posted on 02/25/2020
AP students taking the National German Exam were, from left to right, Jeffrey Swann, Isaac Detweiler, Hans Muse, Lara Yildiz, and Callie Spry.Students in Kimberly Kreider's Advanced Placement German class recently participated in the National German Exam.

Three students received special recognition for their achievements in German, Mrs. Kreider said. The names will appear on the Honor Roll in May.

More than 4,585 students in the United States took the Level 4 German exam this year. Students read, listened to, and watched authentic and native speaker readings, audio clips, and video clips in German and then answered questions, Mrs. Kreider said.

Special congratulations go to Callie Spry, Isaac Detweiler, and Lara Yildiz. They placed in the top 45 students out of the 322 participants of the Philadelphia American Association Teachers of German (AATG) Chapter.

Lara and Isaac scored in the 85th and 86th percentiles and received the Silberurkunde award, and Callie scored in the 94th percentile and received the Goldurkunde award. Callie will be invited to a banquet sponsored by the chapter, and more importantly, her scores qualify her to apply for the Trip Award (a three-week stay in Germany with all travel and accommodation expenses covered).

Mrs. Kreider said "Let’s all wish Callie 'Viel Glück' as she proceeds through the application and interview process!"

Superintendent Dr. Bill Harner and Quakertown Community High School Principal Mattias van't Hoenderdaal praised the students and Mrs. Kreider for their efforts.

"This is very exciting," Mr. V said. "I am grateful for the job you have done with these students."

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