Pathways FAQ


  • Do all students have to choose a Pathway? 

    • All students are required to select a Pathway.  If a student is not sure which Pathway to choose, he/she may select the Undeclared Pathway to further explore their interests. 

  • Can a student change his/her pathway?  When can a student change his/her pathway?

    • Yes, students may change their Pathway if they find their goals/interests have changed.  A change in Pathways designation may be made at the start of each semester and during the course selection process each year.  

  • Is a Field Study required?  

    • All students are encouraged to complete at least one semester of a field study.  A hands on experience working with a professional in the student’s chosen area of interest provides an opportunity for deeper exploration of the field and greater skill acquisition. To complete a Pathway with fidelity, a student must complete a minimum .5 field study. 

  • Can a student participate in music and world language courses and still complete a pathway with fidelity?

    • Yes, a student may participate in music and/or world language courses while meeting all the requirements of a Pathway.  Students should consult with their School Counselor to map out coursework specific to their plans. 

  • Which Pathway does a military branch fall under?

    • There are a variety of career fields available within each branch of the military.  Your specific job interest in the military (i.e. engineer, nurse, sonar technician, cybersecurity, culinary, military police, etc.) will determine your pathway.

  • Are UBCTS students able to complete a Pathway? 

    • Yes, UBCTS students who have earned a minimum of six credits in a UBCTS program and at least .5 credits of a co-op or QCHS field study are able to complete a Pathway.  More information on how the QCHS Career Pathways align with the UBCTS Clusters, can be found on the UBCTS Clusters and Programs document.

  • What is required to complete a Pathway with fidelity?

    • In addition to satisfying the general academic requirements needed to obtain a QCHS diploma, students must earn a minimum of 3.5 credits in their chosen Pathway and pass at least a .5 credit of field study in order to complete a Pathway with fidelity. To view requirements for each career pathway, please visit our Career Pathways Academics page.

  • How is the Career Pathways program connected to CCR graduation requirements? 

    • Completion of CCR evidence in order to satisfy the state and local requirements is a component of the Career Pathways Program.  Through career lessons delivered during Pathways Advisory periods, career oriented curricular enhancements in all classes, and approved self-directed activities, students will attain the eight required pieces of evidence. Evidence will be stored electronically for each individual student. In addition to the eight pieces of evidence, effective with the Class of 2024, a culminating senior portfolio presentation will be required of all students as part of the CCR graduation requirements.


  • What is the Senior Portfolio Project? (Effective Class of 2024)

    • The purpose of the senior portfolio presentation is to provide an opportunity for a student to reflect on and articulate how his/her high school experiences (i.e. industry based learning, field study/volunteer work, rigorous academic coursework, etc.) led the student to formulate his/her future goals and career plans. Students will be expected to complete and present a comprehensive portfolio to a panel of three teachers in the second semester of senior year.  Students will be evaluated using a standardized rubric and will be scored with a “P” (pass) or “F” (fail). The grade will appear on the student’s transcript. Pathway Advisors will facilitate senior portfolio checkpoints with students and will serve as a mentor/guide in the development of the student’s final, comprehensive presentation. Components of the portfolio that will be evaluated as defined by the rubric may include but are not limited to:  Field study/Volunteer experiences, resume, oral presentation, and a reflection paper. 

The ability to synthesize experiences for the purpose of transition planning is a critical    component of the Pathways program to ensure that students are becoming more intentional and thoughtful about their post graduation plans.

  • How can a community member partner with the school to support the QCHS Career Pathways program?

  • We are eager to build partnerships with community members and welcome your inquiries. There are a variety of ways that community members can support and contribute to the Pathways program. Please contact George Banas ([email protected]), our Career Pathways Community Coordinator, for more information.  

  • If a student does not have transportation, can he/she participate in a field study?

    • Students should contact a Pathways Coordinator to discuss their individual situations. The Pathways team is committed to working with students to the best of their ability to provide meaningful opportunities to ALL students.

  • Can a student complete a field study in the Education Pathway within QCSD?

    • An education field study may be completed within QCSD schools provided the time frame of the experience fits within the student’s academic schedule or occurs beyond the end of the student’s school day.  Approval from a cooperating teacher is also required. 

  • What are the advantages of completing a Pathway with fidelity? 

    • Completing a Pathway with fidelity offers a more focused approach to preparing a student for a future career path. An intentional selection of classes related to a student’s interests has the potential to create more meaningful, relevant academic experiences for the student. This more purposeful exploration of curriculum aligned to a student’s intended career path will prepare students to graduate from QCHS with advanced knowledge and skills, which may offer greater opportunities for the student both in a career and/or postsecondary environment. The Pathways program seeks to position students to positively contribute and eventually lead a competitive global workforce. Students who complete a Pathway with fidelity will be recognized during QCHS graduation activities. 

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